Jill Thompson

Foxton Fife

Project Details


Experiment contributes to Drought Risk and You (DRY) project in the UK see(http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/et/research/dry.aspx).  We have two sites in each of three river catchments the Frome catchment near Bristol, Don catchment near Sheffield and Eden catchment in Fife Scotland (site in Fife entered above for Lat Long). At each site there are three replicated treatment blocks. In each block two shelters with roofs of 'transparent' gutters that reduce the precipitation by 50%, one shelter with a roof the same as the precipitation reduction roof but with gutters upside down so rain runs through onto vegetation plot (no rainfall reduction), and two uncovered vegetation plots as controls (could not enter this arrangement in the details). So at each site we are testing rainfall reduction, the effect of the roof and natural uncovered conditions.  Within each treatment (under each shelter) there are four 1 x 1 m vegetation plots. one for vegetation monitoring, one for soil sampling, one for biomass sampling and the 4th for access to the centre of the experiment and positioning of soil moisture sensors. 

In most plots there are two soil water potential sensors and in some sites and treatments 1 m deep volumetric soil moisture sensors. We have metrological stations at each site.

The experiment took several months to set up across all sites in 2015 and will have to be taken down between September and end of December 2018.

Will add the other sites another time as separate sites. Further details to be added later.

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