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Leaf traits and phylogeny explain plant survival and community dynamics in response to extreme drought in a restored coastal grassland (March 2021)

This manuscript from Justin C. Luong et al. found that plant species with lower growth rates and higher leaf lobedness had a lower risk of mortality in drought plots. These findings could provide important insight for land managers interested in coastal grassland restoration efforts in the West. Find the full article here:

Drought and shrub cover differentially affect seed bank composition within two sagebrush steppe communities (March 2022)

Allison M.Nunes and Kerry M.Byrne's research revealed that a shrub community dominated by Artemisia arbuscula had increased densities of exotic grass seeds and decreased diversity/evenness of seed species in the face of extreme drought. However, beneath the shrub canopies, the researchers found greater diversity of seed species and higher densities of native forbs. This study has important implications for the role of shrubs as refuges for seeds in dryland ecosystems. Click here for the full article: