Jeff Dukes

BACE (Boston-Area Climate Experiment)

Project Details

The original BACE design (2007-2017) combined four levels of warming (up to ~4°C) with three levels of precipitation (-50%, control, +50% in growing season only).  The experiment was located in an old-field ecosystem with tree seedlings planted in.  In the first year (2007), only the drought treatment was functional.  Warming and added precipitation treatments began in 2008.  Warming was applied year-round in early years, and during the growing season only in some later years.  In some other later years, warming was turned off.  Shelter sizes listed here are approximate.  Shelters were large because plots from all four warming treatments were nested within the precipitation treatments.  The description here applies to this initial ~10-year period of the BACE.  In late 2017, the BACE was converted to a new design featuring a gradient of precipitation treatments but no warming.  At this point, leadership of the experiment transitioned to Vikki Rodgers (Babson College), Colin Orians (Tufts University), and Anna Aguilera (Simmons College).

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