Drought-Net Activities

The Drought-Net Research Coordination Network (RCN) - funded by the US National Science Foundation – is aimed at advancing understanding of how and why terrestrial ecosystem may differ in their sensitivity to drought. The Drought-Net RCN brings together an international cadre of scientists to conduct two complementary research activities:

  1. Enhancing Existing Experiments (EEE) – a network of existing precipitation manipulation/drought experiments across the globe.
  2. The International Drought Experiment (IDE) - a new international network of coordinated drought experiments.

Synthesis of data from these two activities will be conducted by Drought-Net participants, with the ultimate goal of improving mechanistic understanding of terrestrial ecosystem sensitivity to drought.

Drought-Net Membership

Drought-Net membership is open to scientists who are committed to initiating and maintaining an IDE site, registering their existing precipitation manipulation experiment(s) with EEE, and/or furthering network goals in other substantive ways.

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Enhancing Existing Experiment


International Drought Experiment